Contact Lens Overwear

Why should I switch to daily disposable contacts?
They are clean. You will decrease your risk of infection. Thousands of patients have been followed in randomized controlled clinical trials and the ones who use a new pair of contacts everyday get about 4 times less infections. They are great for allergy season. They are convenient for getting them out of your eyes before you fall asleep without having to get your contact lens case. Great for travel.

Here are some of the problems associated with dirty contact lenses.

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis
These are raised, red blister-like bumps that appear on the conjunctiva (wet skin) underneath the upper eyelid. The main cause of these is an allergic response to the debris that builds up on contact lenses. Dryness and friction can also irritate these bumps.

Keratitis is a disease of the cornea. The cornea is the tough clear skin that covers the iris (the part that makes our eyes brown, blue, green...). Keratitis turns the cornea from clear to opaque. Just like it is important to have a clear windshield for a car, it is important to have a clear cornea for your eye.

The conjunctiva is the wet skin on the surface of the white part of the eyeball that wraps around and also coats the inner surface of the eyelids. When conjunctivitis is caused by infection, the slang term is “pink-eye”. But conjunctivitis can also be caused by many other factors such as allergy, irritants, and autoimmune diseases.