Glaucoma Miracles

Two Glaucoma miracles of this century

Miracle #1: Early detection HRT camera

Around 2001, a new camera was discovered, called an “HRT”, which can detect glaucoma at much earlier stages than before. Without an early detection camera, glaucoma is usually not found until its has become advanced and vision has been lost and cannot be recovered. It is not uncommon to detect glaucoma in patients in their 30s and sometimes even younger. Most people with early glaucoma have no idea that it is happening.

Glaucoma can run in families. If you have an abnormal or borderline result on the HRT camera, it is a good idea to ask your family members if they have glaucoma. Many people have glaucoma but it doesn’t come up in conversation. If you find out that many people in your family have glaucoma, let us know and we will take that into account in your treatment plan. If they do not have glaucoma, make sure that they have had an HRT scan of their optic nerves. There are many people walking around with glaucoma gradually deteriorating their optic nerves and they do not have any signs or symptoms until it is too late.

Miracle #2: The Prostaglandin eyedrops

Around 2001, some new eyedrops were discovered for glaucoma. They worked much better at controlling eye pressure than the eyedrops available in the 1990s.

Lumigan 0.01% – good at getting a little lower pressure and growing eyelashes a little longer
Travatan Z – different preservative sometimes more comfortable in dry eyes
Xalatan –the original prostaglandin eyedrop
Latanoprost (generic version of Xalatan) Recently generic companies have started making, but the consistency of efficacy and comfort is not well known yet.

Some tips:
Put one drop in both eyes anytime in the evening.
If it is difficult to put eyedrops in, put you head back, put 1 drop in the eyelashes, then open your eyes and roll it in. You just have to get your eyeball wet.
Wash the excess eyedrop off of your eyelid skin so it does not become dark or grow longer hair.
Your eyelashes will grow longer and thicker in about 2 months as a side effect, even if you wash the excess off of your eyelid skin.
During the first 2 months, your eyes may get a little red occasionally as your eye gets used to the eyedrop. The redness is not dangerous but it can be annoying. You can use the Bromday / Xibrom / Nevanac/ Acuvail eyedrop up to 4 times a day as needed.