Computer Glare

Lighting, Glare and Vision
The good news is that although many of us worry that we can permanently damage our sight with poor lighting conditions, for the most part this isnít true. On the other hand, the effects of bad lighting can be very uncomfortable and can even lead to serious injury if you canít see while you are doing something dangerous. Especially if you work long hours, having the appropriate amount of light and reducing glare will make more comfortable vision.

Do your eyes bother you while at the computer?
Make sure that the area around your computer monitor is roughly the same brightness as the screen itself.
If your monitor is placed in front of a window, or if the overall lighting in your office is much brighter or dimmer than your screen, the result is ďdiscomfort glare.Ē Discomfort glare is the same thing that you experience after coming across someoneís high beams when driving at night or when coming indoors after being in bright sunlight. You may feel disoriented or have difficulty concentrating with eyestrain or headaches.

How do I check if Iím experiencing too much glare at the computer?
Wear a hat with a brim for a couple hours. If you feel more comfortable when you have it on, it means your overhead light is much brighter than your monitor.
Hold a blank sheet of paper off to the side of your monitor. The paper should have roughly the same brightness as your monitor. If not, make adjustments until it does.

How do I check if there are too many reflections on my computer?
If you can see yourself or parts of your environment in your monitor, you also have a glare problem.
Move your monitor to a new position on your desk (even changing the angle or shifting it a few inches can make a difference).
Change the overhead lighting in the room if possible or lower a window shade if needed.
Adjust your monitorís contrast and brightness to suit the surrounding light.
Add a task light if your screen is bright and the surface of your desk is dim. Your lamp should be aimed onto the documents you are referring to and away from the computer.