CSR Central Serous Retinopathy

CSR is swelling in the central area of the retina. The retina is the inner layer of the back wall of the eyeball. This causes distorted vision. Although most people only notice distorted vision in one eye, studies show that there is usually a lower level of disease present in the other eye too.

Who gets CSR?
Mental stress plays a big role. These things have been found to be risk factors. “Type A personalities”, hypertension, steroid medication use, obstructive sleep apnea. Asian, Hispanic. Also some more rare things like Cushing’s syndrome, Lupus, and organ transplant patients.

Will it get better?
The good news is that most patients will get better over a few months without laser or injections of the eyeball. It is important to engage in stress reducing activities - that depends on your personality – examples of this are yoga, meditation, prayer, breathing, exercise etc help. Also, minimize physical stress on the body – increase sleep, minimize alcohol and caffeine. Please see your primary care physician for a full health checkup and give them a copy of this paper.

Who needs laser or injections into the eyeball?
Sometimes it does not get better with medical treatment. Also it can recur. Surgical treatments are usually reserved for patients who do not get better after trying non-surgical treatments for a few months or who have recurrent disease.

How do I know if it is better?
We will monitor it with photography of the retina and vision tests in the office. Also, you can use the Amsler grid at home.